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Welcome to Carina Dolci Cosmetics & Apothecary

We believe that "In order to give love to others, you must first give love to yourself."


Every day you give to others with everything you have and everything you are. 
Positivity is a wonderful thing and giving is the fruit of the spirit, inspiring joy and peace within,
and ultimately creating emotional fulfillment inside and motivating us to give and do more for others. 
At the end of the day, you've given all of that love away and after time you can end up feeling emotionally and mentally drained. 


The secret to happiness is to refill your reservoir by doing something for yourself as a daily routine. 
Imagine cupping your hands in front of you and filling them with water powered by energy, love, and strength. 
Every time you do something for others, you give away a little of your reservoir.  
Fill up that reservoir with love for yourself so that you can share more with others. 


A daily ritual can include drawing a hot bath with candles and aromatherapy salts,
an indulgent scrub, and a captivating book, or you can reserve that for once or twice a week. 


Doing our hair and makeup daily makes us feel confident and helps us lift our heads up high. 
Take the time to care for yourself with proper skin and body care, and treat yourself with little gifts of luxury. 


We have one life and one sacred body.   We need to take care of it to promote health, happiness, love, faith, joy, hope, and peace. 

At Carina Dolci Cosmetics & Apothecary, we create those things every day with the products we formulate,

adding our signature touch and our special ingredient of love, blessing every product,
knowing that it is going to someone who deserves it and knowing it will help you feel great and fall in love with yourself,
allowing you to love, and give love, to others. 


Now that you know our secret, go ahead and treat yourself, knowing you are worth every bit of it, 
We hope our products provide you happiness, joy, love, hope and peace. ♥


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